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The Obvious Path Interviews Kevin Metzger-Timson

From Kat: Our husbands serendipitously made their Off-Broadway debuts together, which happily led to an after-party introduction to Kevin.

I was very new to agenting, yet he was the loveliest person to ‘talk shop’ with. Instead of brushing off the new girl, he treated me like an old friend and a person that had been in the business far longer than I had. When we said goodbye that night, I said I'd hope we see each other again soon. His reply? "I'm not worried about it. We'll work together."

A year later, we do just that. I get to work with Kevin on a daily basis through HCKR, as Tara Rubin’s office is one of our accounts. In a world of emails without faces, it's refreshing to see a familiar name in my inbox every day. Not to mention, their office is one of the most helpful, encouraging, and professional offices in town. He has a generous heart, a rich history, and big ideas for how to influence our industry in a positive way through casting. We're excited to introduce you to Kevin Metzger-Timson.

Kevin! What an honor to have you on our blog! Would you please introduce yourself to our readers?!

I’m Kevin and I work for Tara Rubin Casting. I’m originally from Orange County, CA. I went to the Orange County High School of the Arts, and grew up doing theatre around the area. I even worked at Disneyland for a summer as a performer in the parade!

You received your BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and started your career as an actor. How did those two things impact your career?

NYU taught me there is more to theatre than just splashy Broadway musicals. I studied in the musical theatre studio, but had other classes with students studying at Atlantic Theatre Company, Experimental Theatre Wing, Stella Adler Studio, etc. etc. It opened my eyes to the full scope and possibilities of what theatre can be. I saw so many varied productions and different styles of theatre.

How did you know you wanted to go into casting? Can you talk us through getting started and finding that first job?

Ironically enough, my current co-worker Kaitlin Shaw is who inspired me to go into casting. I stopped performing because one night I found myself onstage more excited about the post-show party than what I was currently doing in that moment. I knew I had to make a change. In searching for that change, I briefly worked for a company in New York that ran casting director and agent classes, and Kaitlin came in to teach one of those classes. While sitting in on her class, I was so inspired by what she had to say and her perspective on the industry. I thought: “I want to do THAT!”

So I quit that job and started looking for casting internships. That’s the best way into the field. Joy Dewing Casting brought me on as an intern, and a month or so before my internship was set to be over, Joy hired me as a full time casting assistant. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Currently, you’re working for the incredible Tara Rubin and casting multiple National Tours, Off- Broadway, and Broadway shows. What is your favorite show you have worked on? Why?

The best part about working in casting is that you’re constantly juggling multiple projects and shows. Each show I work on has that magical moment where you watch the puzzle come together, and you see the piece come to life through the work the actors are doing in the audition room. Each project holds something special for me. There are moments that I’ll never forget: opening night for Ain’t Too Proud - my first Broadway opening for a show I directly worked on, or the 5-year anniversary celebration for Aladdin on Broadway, another show on which I was fortunate to join the casting team when I started at TRC.

What’s the most important thing you’ve done in your career so far?

Every day working for, supporting, and fighting for actors is important, especially those who are currently underrepresented in the industry. I was in the room when we cast the first Annie of color in the national tour of Annie. I think it is incredibly important to encourage creative teams to think outside the box. Why can’t that role be played by a transgender or non-binary actor? Why can’t the actor in a wheelchair or with a prosthetic leg be featured in a dance role? Ideas such as colorblind casting, gender diversity, and inclusion in casting are incredibly important, and are ideologies we should continue to strive towards in this industry. I strive to continue that work, and to learn from my colleagues and the actors so that what we are seeing onstage and onscreen reflects the diversity of the real world.

What’s something you wish you had done or wish you had known earlier?

I have no regrets up to this point. Everything I’ve done in my life – from the six years I spent as a working actor, to the varied casting offices I have worked for, has led me to exactly where I am today. I’m a big believer in the “Butterfly Effect,” and I trust that if you just make a decision and move forward, you’ll land exactly where you are supposed to.

Biggest surprise in the industry?

How hard and heartbreaking it can be to try to get a show to Broadway. And how exhilarating it is when it happens!

Where are you on your mountain?

Still climbing up to the peak – and I hope to continue that climb for a long, long time. Do we ever really reach the peak in life? I’m not so sure I’m interested to see what the climb down the mountain looks like. It’s the climb up that excites me.


Favorite Broadway show of all time: West Side Story

TV show that you love: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

Thing you’re listening to on your commute: Podcasts: “The Daily” and “My Favorite Murder”

Any other obsessions?: Cooking

Social media is ________: Something that each person has to individually navigate and assess how it is working for, or against them.

Religious, Spiritual, or nah?: Spiritual

Actor-ism that frustrates you: Not trusting themselves and their work.

Biggest beef with the business: There’s not enough jobs.

Favorite part about casting: Watching an actor that you’ve believed in from the beginning rise to the occasion and get the job.

You would like for every actor to know ______ before walking into your room: We are on your side.

I get inspired when _______: I see people who I believe in succeed.

Social media handles: @kevmetz – across the board.

Anything you’d like to promote?: Also check out my husband who produces shows around the city! @cmt.nyc on Instagram


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